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Whiz - Larnaca - Downtown

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Answered on: Nov 13, 2018

Clients asked:

Client said:
I am travelling to Larnaca on the 6th April, arriving 2.55 on the 7th April and returning on the 21st April While booking I have booked a Mini 2 or 4 door car. I intend travel over the border and use the car in Northern Cyprus during my holiday and return back to Larnaca Airport on my departure date. Can I do this ? Regards Ahmet Gungoren

Support said:
It is not possible to take a rental car to the North of the Island. To avoid you searching for other possibilities, this is the case for all rental car companies.

Support said:
You may see written on the internet about purchasing insurance at the border, but this is not valid.

Client said:
OK thank you for your quick response.