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Hertz - Beau Vallon

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Answered on: Nov 20, 2017

Clients asked:

Client said:
Hi, I'm coming to Mahe Seychelles Islands on Monday morning and I'm planning to hire a car for 4 days from Monday 9.00 am to Thursday 7.00pm

Support said:
If you please conduct a search on our website, you can obtain a quotation and make a reservation.

Client said:
Would it be possible to take the car or to meet you at the airport?

Support said:
Once the list of vehicles is displayed , you can filter the results by supplier, car size, type of pick up i.e. on terminal or meet and greet, etc.

Client said:
I own an Emirates Platinum Card, I know you have discounted fares for that.

Support said:
I am afraid we do not offer extra discount for that card, but our rates are already very competitive.

Client said:
Thank you, Regards.