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Answered on: Apr 26, 2018

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I would like to add to my insurance the SDW – Super Damage Waiver Cover where my financial liability is reduced to zero. I would like to know how much it will cost me for Mitsubishi ASX from 4- 7 April

Support said:
Reduce your liability from € 3,000.00 to € 0.00 Most car hire suppliers have excess of between €300-1500. Some as high as 3000. If the car was damaged or stolen (for example) you would be liable to pay the excess amount. With the AXA Damage Refund Insurance this should cover your excess requirements. You can check the size of each suppliers excess amount by clicking on the link ¨ TERMS & CONDITIONS ¨ next to each car photo. Each car supplier may have a different excess amount, so try a few different links. With the AXA Damage Refund Insurance you do NOT need to buy additional insurance at the desk. If there is damage to the car or it is stolen, the car hire supplier will keep the excess to cover the costs, which you can claim back in full with Damage Refund Insurance. What's covered Damage & theft excess refund Tyres, windows, mirrors & wheels Roof, undercarriage & misfuelling Administration charges Key cover & personal possessions This policy is underwritten by INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE SA, member of the AXA Assistance Group, Avenue Louise 166, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. This insurance is the most comprehensive available and likely to be cheaper than any insurance offered at the desk. A copy of the full policy can be viewed here:- Italiano http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_IT.pdf Deutsch http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_DE.pdf Español http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_ES.pdf English http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_GB.pdf Français http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_FR.pdf Nederlands http://www.cartrawler.com/res/conditions/insurance/CT_AXA_TC_NL.pdf

Support said:
The link near the car photo is now entitled "important information"