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Autojet - Sofia - Airport - Terminal 2

We also service all pre-booked reservations regardless of the arrival/departure time. This location offers 24/7 delivery and collection services with out of business hours tax.
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Updated on: Sep 20, 2018

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Client said:
I want to rent a car for a trip to Split in Croatia. We are 7 people, we are going for a week of yacht charter. Dates from September 29 till October 07. We need a minibus with 9 seats or two small cars (Ford Focus, Citroen C3 or similar), the box is mechanical, preferably diesel. We will go through Serbia.

Support said:
To obtain a quotation you have to go to the website, there you can make a reservation. Enter dates, times, location and click on SEARCH. At the top of STEP2 (above the individual car photos) is a scrolling left to right car type filter, where you can filter the results by car size, for example 7,8 or 9 seaters or convertibles where they are available. You will need a credit. If no car photos are displayed, then adjust your pick up date/time as not all locations are open weekends or out of normal business hours. If possible use a laptop, tablet or PC rather than a mobile to conduct your search.

Client said:
What can you tell me about travelling from Sofia to Croatia, are there any restrictions or extra fees to be paid for?

Support said:
To view the CROSS BORDER or FERRY terms and conditions. At STEP2 of our 3 step online booking process, alongside the car photo of your choice, there is a link entitled “IMPORTANT INFORMATION”. Clicking on this link will open an additional smaller window, with the terms and conditions appertaining to that particular car/supplier. You can find it under TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS Try a few different suppliers as each supplier/vehicle type may have a different cross border rule.